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Strategizing + creating is my thing.


I find joy in strategic thinking and trying to figure out the best route to success. I view problems as an opportunity to showcase my problem-solving skills and creativity. Brainstorming and creating is what fuels my drive.


When it comes to creating, I'm like an artist with multiple mediums. Whether it's designing, photography, videography, social media, editing – I do it all. I embrace the process of turning visions into impactful results. My ability to blend analytical thinking with creative flair allows me to approach tasks with a unique perspective unlocking innovative solutions.

Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Suite, Google Analytics, Production, Project Management, Administrative skills, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Social Media Management, Monday.Com, Slack, SOCi, Brandwatch, MyEmma and more.

04-27-22_Jocelyn Pena Grad Photos_Spring 2022-055_edited.jpg
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