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Marketing Specialist 

One of my key responsibilities was managing all social media accounts, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, and Instagram, for over 14 studio locations. Through strategic planning and execution, I successfully increased brand awareness and engagement. In addition, I handled all the creative direction, filming, editing, and posting the content to all socials.


Additionally, I played a crucial role in a rebranding effort by updating the branding book to align with our current mission and market trends. This ensured consistency across all marketing channels and strengthened our brand identity.


I was also responsible for planning and executing marketing events, managing New Store Opening (NSO) initiatives, and creating and A/B testing email marketing campaigns targeting specific groups such as winbacks and first-time customers.


Furthermore, I facilitated monthly internal email blasts and meetings for studio managers and franchisees, fostering communication and collaboration within the organization. I also developed and maintained relationships with influencers, produced PR written materials, and managed all promotional materials for franchisees.


Through effective strategies, promotions, and marketing events, I significantly enhanced customer retention and fostered unwavering brand loyalty among our clientele. My tenure at SweatHouz was marked by a commitment to excellence in marketing, contributing to the overall success and growth of the company.

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Rebranding a Fast Growing Start-Up

Rebranding a startup in its early stages was both challenging and exciting. Initially, the company lacked a clear identity, making it difficult to communicate its value. We embarked on a thorough rebranding journey, defining our core values and target audience. Through market research and creative sessions, we developed a cohesive brand identity, updating the logo, typography, and marketing materials.


Implementing the rebranding across all channels required careful planning. As the efforts gained momentum, we saw increased engagement, brand recognition, and sales. Today, with 200 stores set to open, our rebranding has laid a strong foundation for growth. It's rewarding to see how our vision and creativity have shaped the company's success from its early days to now.

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Before my tenure, there was a lack of strong branding. The typography, color scheme, and overall presentation lacked cohesion, making it difficult to discern the nature of the business and its offerings.

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My aim was to establish a robust brand presence and elevate the startup's visibility. I aimed for clarity regarding its offerings and how they could enhance customers' lives. Whether it was improving sleep quality or speeding up post-workout recovery, we had solutions. Through crafting a sleek brand image, we effectively increased followers and engagement.


The Brand Now

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