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What You Need To Know About MAIP + 5 Tips

I was selected into the 2021 Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (4 A’s MAIP) and I am so thrilled to share my

experience. First, let me explain what this amazing program is. MAIP is a talent development program in the advertising and marketing industry aimed to connect the most talented and diverse entry-level students to have an opportunity in the industry. It is a five-month rigorous application process that includes a video entry, 2 essay submissions, an interview, and an agency selection process. The moment MAIP fellows are selected they begin cultivating professional skills through Spring Training, a 12-week virtual series, connecting with their MAIP mentor, and collaborating with cross-national teams on a project brief. Throughout the summer, fellows from all over the nation participate in agency-sponsored professional development workshops which provide a glance into the advertising world.

One of the highlights from the summer was meeting with my MAIP team for our summer projects. We were team "Asterion". I worked with the most hardworking people. My group members constantly encouraged me to try hard and give it my all. From the beginning I knew we would be a strong team. We worked very well together and knew how to use our time wisely while still having fun. We worked on projects for Jollibee & Izze and spent late nights on zoom brainstorming, strategizing, and bringing our ideas to life.

Getting into MAIP isn’t easy and being in MAIP isn’t easy. If it was, anyone could do it. I say this because I want to assure future applicants that you will be challenged. But you will be challenged in order to make you stronger. I can proudly say that my skills and work ethic have strengthened. To be in this program is to have passion. I’m proud to call myself a MAIP Fellow. This community is so uplifting and encouraging. At MAIP we celebrate success. We celebrate diversity. We celebrate each other.

5 tips:

1. What you put in, is what you get out

The more effort you put into your future, the closer you will be to success. It is easier said than done. However, while everyone is sleeping in until noon, you should be grinding to get things done! We all get to a point in life where we're going to have to make sacrifices for our future. Start now so your future self can thank you later. Your internship is what you make out of it. Give it your all for the best results!

2. Network

Make a list of everyone you would like to talk to and introduce yourself to them. Set up a virtual coffee chat and make a genuine connection. Take noted and write down everything that you guys talked about. Follow up after to build a stronger connection!

3. Close mouths Don't Get Fed

Sounds a little harsh but it’s true! If your supervisor is not giving you tasks/projects, ask! Don't be afraid to speak up and ask for assignments/projects. Your internship experience is supposed to help you learn and grow!

4. Set goals

What do you want to get out of this internship? Write down your goals and visit them in the middle & end of your internship to see if you are doing what is necessary to accomplish them!

5. Time Management Is Your Best Friend

Remember to have a work/life balance. Things can get overwhelming at times but prioritizing your time wisely will help you not only at the moment but in the long run.

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